The launch of a new socialmedia project #Potomuchtoludi

    #Potomuchtoludi is a project with the participation of famous and successful Russian people – actors, showmen, writers, musicians, scientists, businessmen and businesswomen  - who spend their time, energy and money on charity and civic activities.  

    Why do they do that? What do they get of it? What difficulties do they face? What changes do they achieve? Why is it so important for us to know about it?

    The heroes of the project are not afraid to share personal stories and experiences; they talk about the attitude of relatives and friends to their values.

    The purpose of the project is to tell about the culture of charity and civic participation in Russia and to encourage people to become a part of this culture. For the first time, well-known people from various areas, with diverse interests and views of life prove by their example that good deeds are so easy, natural and accessible for everyone.

    In Russia you can already trust a large number of civic organizations and foundations. Each hero of the project names those whom he or she trusts personally and advises them to others.

    One more goal of the project is to widely inform potential philanthropists about convenient services which cooperate with a large number of effective charitable organizations: Dobro Mail.RuSberbank together, Nuzhna pomoshVkontakte Charity. Here everyone can find a reliable organization to invest their time and money for the sake of the society.

    The organizers of the project are the All-Russia civil forum and the Committee for civil initiatives.  

    The general partner is Vkontakte.

    The key infrastructure partner of the project is the Presidential Grants Foundation.

    All video interviews are available at our YouTube channel. Just choose subtitles of your native language and enjoy! 

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