The All-Russia civil forum - 2018 intends to involve in its work the maximum number of new participants

On April 20 a regular meeting of the Organizing Committee of the All-Russia civil forum took place in Moscow. The participants discussed the format of the Forum-2018, its tasks and topics.

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Interview with Anastasia Cherepanova about the problem of liver diseases among children

Anastasia Cherepanova is the head of the charity foundation “Zhizn kak chudo” (Life as a miracle). The foundation was established in 2009 by Alexey Moshkovich and it helps children with serious liver diseases from low-income families throughout the country. The website of the organization is

In her interview to the All-Russia civil forum Anastasia talks about the reasons of the problem, about her personal story and partnership with the foundation.

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Why do we need open source data? Ivan Begtin, head of non-profit partnership “Information Culture”

The non-profit partnership "Information Culture" deals with the development and promotion of the concept of open source data and open state; providing methodological, technical and institutional support to state structures and society for the implementation of effective tools for the development and use of open data for an open state; the involvement of society in the decision-making process by state structures at the municipal, national and international levels; increasing civil awareness and information culture of the society.

In his interview to the All-Russia civil forum Ivan Begtin, the head of the organization, told more about open source data, projects of the “Information culture” and his personal story in this sector.

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Experts of the All-Russia civil forum discussed the strategy of the Forum-2018

On March 31 a strategic session was held at the Analytical Center for the Government of the Russian Federation. It was devoted to the question of how to enhance the contribution of civil society to the growth of the quality of life in Russia and how the community of the All-Russia civil forum can contribute to this goal.

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Ecological situation and its impact on the economy of the country. Askhat Kayumov, expert of the All-Russia civil forum

Askhat Kayumov - the chairman of the Council of Nizhny Novgorod Public Movement "Environmental Center Dront”, the expert of the All-Russia civil forum and coordinator of the working group “Ecology” – gave an interview to the All-Russia Civil Forum. In the interview Askhat talked about the ecological impact on the economy and about the need to form a positive environmental situation in the country.

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Dmitry Yanin, expert of the All-Russia civil forum about consumer rights protection

Dmitry Yanin - the chairman of the Board of the Union of Public Associations "International Confederation of Consumer Societies" and the expert of the All-Russia civil forum - gave an interview where he talked about consumer rights protection and about the improvement of financial awareness of citizens.

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Grigory Sergeev, head of Liza Alert search-and-rescue team about search of missing people

Liza Alert is a nonprofit search-and-rescue volunteer organization. Its dedication lays on search for missing people. Grigory Sergeev – the head of the organization – gave an interview to the All-Russia civil forum where he talked about the main reasons of missing people, search operations and ways of cooperation with Liza Alert.

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The problem of brain attack in Russia. Ekaterina Milova, development director of the Orby foundation

Ekaterina Milova is a development director of the Orby Foundation. The Foundation is the first and the only one that is struggling with the problem of brain attack. It aims to develop the system programs, which will help to reduce the incidence of brain attack and the severity of its consequences. Ekaterina gave the interview to the All-Russia Civil Forum where she spoke about this problem and the work of the Foundation.

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